• The YTT EXPO is the premier business Expo and women's night out in Lakewood.

    For the past 25 years, wholesale, retail and service businesses from around the tri-state area and beyond have joined us for maximum exposure of their business in Lakewood. Boasting over 75 exhibits and 2500 women in attendance, our vendors have seen amazing results and attribute a large amount of their growth in the months that follow to the YTT Expo.

    To maximize their exposure at the Expo, many exhibitors in the past have chosen to hand out freebies, make internal raffles or other creative ideas, (you can consult with us to see what you can do for your business) but even just being there will give the women of Lakewood the opportunity to meet the amazing people behind the ad they saw in a circular or the product they saw on the market, YOUR BUSINESS. It's about relationships being built and maintained.

    Besides the exhibits, we have a lavish food court prepared. This is a great opportunity for businesses in the food industry to make a personal presentation for the Lakewood ladies and boast what they do best - make delicious food.

    The focal point of the YTT EXPO is our business exhibition and food court, but there is also a Chinese auction and light entertainment to keep everyone excited throughout this night not to be forgotten.

    We encourage all our exhibitors to take advantage of our expertise and reach out to us so we can help you maximize this opportunity.

    We look forward to introducing Lakewood to your business in a way they'd never have otherwise. We can't wait to hear from you.